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098: Running for The Border, Praying for Energy! [Vol. 3 - Eclectic & Effective: Disk 02]


Diary of a Mix Tape Love Affair - Vol 3: Eclectic & Effective
Disk 2 of 12 - Running for The Border, Praying for Energy!
March 25th, 2006
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This volume of 12 mixes is an eclectic collection of road trip soundtracks
I'd made them for myself and my girlfriend at the time. It was a great year.
The series runs from mix #097 - #108 in my 8tracks collection.
Enjoy Them All!
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When you make the drive from Vegas to either LA or Phoenix enough times, you start to realize weird mixes of energetic sounds and acoustic rarities sets a mood that keeps you focuses. These mixes are still helpful ten years later (jeez I can't believe it's been that long) even though I'm still making new mixes with much more current artists!

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