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113: Natural Depths [Vol. 4 - Short Stories: Disk 05]


Diary of a Mix Tape Love Affair - Vol 4: Short Stories
Disk 05 of 12 - Natural Depths
Created: March 30th, 2007
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This volume is a collection of 12 mixes with each mix standing on it's own. A lot of the volumes I've produced have themes, but these CD's were made without any overarching idea. They were created in the time leading up to my moving to Paso Robles, CA and my first few months in a rural community. Each one stands alone, like a Short Story. The series runs from mix #109 - #120 in my 8tracks collection.
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A moody night driving mix. Put it on if you want to swim in depressing emotions. Sounds rough, but if you're going through something, this isn't the worst soundtrack to have.

18 tracks
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