MixTape Love Affair
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157: For When Autumn Nights Go On... [DOAMTLA Vol. 7 - Solstice Intermission: Disk 07 of 12]


Diary of a Mix Tape Love Affair
Vol 7: Solstice Intermission: For The End of Summer through The Fall
Disk 07 of 12 - For When Autumn Nights Go On...
Created: October 22nd, 2010
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A series of 12 CD's made for Late Summer and all of Autumn, though it's great the rest of the year. All of the volumes moving forward are pretty much eclectic selections of indie with a bunch of good feels blended in. This collection runs from #151-162 in my 8tracks archive.
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Chilly bike ride soundtrack? Yup, right here. Indie rock, to indie pop, to eclectic fun I dunno what. Throw your headphones on. Throw your hoodie up. Step on your peddles. Venture forth and enjoy!

22 tracks
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