MixTape Love Affair
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194: Warm Glowing Mornings [Vol. 11 - Summer Falling: Disk 06]


Diary of a MixTape Love Affair
Vol. 11 - Summer Falling
Disk 06 of 12 - Warm Glowing Mornings
Created: Aug 30th, 2011
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A 12 disk volume of mixes that is meant to take you from the end of Summer and into the heart of Fall. This volume runs from #189-200 in my 8tracks archive.
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This is a great wake-up mix for early fall. It starts off slow and soft, but picks up with a bunch of clicky hoppy catchy beats that have you bouncing your head until the world warms with color as you get your blood and brain flowing and ready to conqueror the day. So, get to it Sunshine! Press play and get moving! You're gonna be late!

20 tracks
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