MixTape Love Affair
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221: Brisk Sounds For A Fresh Start [Vol. 13 - Fresh Sounds For A Fresh Start: Disk 09]


Diary of a MixTape Love Affair
Vol. 13 - Fresh Sounds for a Fresh Start
Disk 09 of 12 - Brisk Sounds for Crisp Days
Created: Mar 18th, 2012
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This 12 disk volume focuses on cold air and tries to capture the crystalline feeling that star light, cold air, and snowflakes sound like when synesthesia is running out of control. This collection runs from #213-224 in my 8tracks archive.
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The first track kinda sets the feels for the rest of this mix: A cocksure arrogant stroll down the street on a chilly but sunny day in the first week of spring. The world is yours - the weather is nice, the sun is out... go ahead, and into a bit of trouble with this springtime mix infused with some punk attitude and eclectic oldies throwbacks.

24 tracks
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