MixTape Love Affair
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251: Take It All In From 40,000 Ft [Vol. 16 - Arrivals, Departures, & Destinations: Disk 03]


Diary of a MixTape Love Affair
Vol. 16 - Arrivals, Departures, and Destinations
Disk 03 of 12 - Take It All In From 40,000 Ft
Created: November 12th, 2012
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This volume is 12 disks of travel-themed music. My wanderlust was in overdrive, and I couldn't get these metropolitan retro airport lounge compilations from the late 90's and early 2000's out of my head, so I used them for inspiration as I planned out this volume's themes. This volume runs from #249-260 in my 8tracks archive.
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Heh, ok so if you're looking for indie global music this is great. The type of soundtrack you put in if you're flying to some country you've never been with a name you can't pronounce, but you heard they have an amazing something you need to experience before you die.

22 tracks
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