MixTape Love Affair
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276: Dream Dream Dream [Vol. 18 - Love! Love! Love! - Disk 04]


Diary of a MixTape Love Affair
Vol. 18 - Love! Love! Love!
Disk 04 of 12 - Dream Dream Dream
Completed: September 7th, 2016
* * *
This is the first volume I've assembled in several years in a 'normal timeframe' (1-3 months). The theme was to pick a simple, fun word for each mix, and use that as each CD's theme. The volume runs from # 272-284 in my 8tracks archive.
* * *
Originally when I was still picking titles for this collection of mixes, this disk was called 'That Jai Paul Sound'. It's dreamy, glittery, floaty, spacious, sparkly, shiny, and chill with ultra-deep house bpms. With all those sounds, 'Dream Dream Dream' seemed appropriate. Featuring songs by Rhye, Jai Paul, and Jamie Woon. This is definitely in my top 20 of mixes I've made.

21 tracks
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