MixTape Love Affair
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284: SING SING SING (Na Na Na)! [Vol. 18 - Love! Love! Love! - Disk 12]


Every Song Features Other People Singing Along. Press Play, Sing Along Too, And Enjoy.
Diary of a MixTape Love Affair
Vol. 18 - Love! Love! Love!
Disk 11 of 12 -STOMP STOMP STOMP!
Completed: September 22nd, 2016
* * *
This is the first volume I've assembled in several years in a 'normal timeframe' (1-3 months). The theme was to pick a simple, fun word for each mix, and use that as each CD's theme. The volume runs from # 272-284 in my 8tracks archive.
* * *
The first album in this volume was similar, but this mix will have you singing along at the top of your lungs. If you thought the last 2 mixes were happy, this will bliss your brain out w/ high energy pre-workout buzz omfg you're gonna explode joy. So LA LA LA NA NA NA Hey Hey Ho Ho Yeah!

20 tracks
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