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Mermaid Magic [Writing Mix]


[MERMAID MAGIC] is a writing mix about magic, sea monsters, and a city at the bottom of the ocean. Dear traveler, whatever lured you into this land surely tricked you. There is no treasure to be found here, and our Queen does not take kindly to invaders.

This playlist contains 17 of my favorite tracks for writing underwater worlds, mysticism, and fantastic power!

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17 tracks
7 comments on Mermaid Magic [Writing Mix]

When I listen to this playlist, I can't help but think of underwater but kind of like... the 1980's fantasy movies like the NeverEnding Story or if your from Australia, the television show Round the Twist. Both very magical but this music just makes me think back to my curious childhood about different worlds out there. :D

Seriously perfect for writing, even though my story has nothing to do with mermaids. I love it. Using it to fuel revisions for my manuscript! <3

this is beautiful! im sure i will become very familiar with this playlist over the next month, as i use it to push me through the NaNoWriMo struggles. thanks!