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Ravensgem [Writing Playlist]


"Ravensgem" is a book set in fantasy world caught in the middle of its own Age of Sail.

This mix is a collection of all the tracks I listened to while writing the book. "Ravensgem" deals primarily with regret, and facing the consequences of one's mistakes. These tracks reflect that melancholic feel.

Want to learn more about this book? Head over to the "Ravensgem" homepage:

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17 tracks
3 comments on Ravensgem [Writing Playlist]

@mkirin Oh thank goodness! It was hilarious and horrible all at the same time and didn't seem to fit with the vibe you were going for (and achieved). :P

Wait this is an awesome mix really really great and inspiring!!! .. ... . . but what is going on with the version of Viva La Vida??????????????????? Can someone please explain??????????/?????////////////

@stimblegrime Fixed! I don't know what happened, but 8Tracks changed my version of Viva la Vida to someone's... "interesting" cover of Viva la Vida. Well, it's all fixed now! Thank you for the head's up <3