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[WRITING & FIGHTING!] is a mix for writers looking to jump right into the heat of battle! This mix contains 14 of my favorite tracks for combat, action scenes, and the awesome final battle. If you're looking for an intense writing playlist, and you are a fan of heavy percussion, then you've found come to the right place! Get ready, because it’s time to FIGHT!

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14 tracks
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I have some fighting soundtracks that you should totally put on here, before I found this mix I was always trying to make my own, and this mix is totally awesome

Ooh, this mix sounds really, really nice. I think I'll be listening to thus for awhile as I write. Super pumped to get back into writing! Thanks a ton for making this!

Most of the 'writing' playlists are slow and soothing, but this mix popped up, and _this_ packs a punch that I need more often than not. I'm in love. Thank you so much! Have a great day :)

@lost my tail I get what you mean, sometimes you need something heavy and intense to get you through *that* one scene. Glad to hear you liked it <3