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But at least I author my own disaster


Dont feel authorized to tell you what you can sense while listening to this exciting playlist.
You may experience a psychedelic trip to the void. Or something more magnificent.

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123 tracks
4 comments on But at least I author my own disaster

I first found this looking around for Stoned Jesus playlists. Then, I luckily remembered it when I was having an experience of my own. Kaleidoscopes all day and all night. Thank you for this wonder of a 4 hour playlist. It kept me going.

@tobio playlist is the result of years of attending concerts and staying curious. And of course, nights on the internet are getting longer and longer, if you always find more of these fantastic bands...

@Minimum_Voidage This is my third play-through of this playlist even though it's just over 12 hours long. It's kinda funny because it's only 130 songs but psych songs are always so long which is amazing. So you must go to psych festivals and all that? What I also like about the playlist is the balance of old psychedelia and neo-psychedelia with bands like Pond, Earthless, Black Angels, Electric Moon. My issue with old psych/space rock was that after discovering the bands, it was too late to see them perform live. At least psych rock is making a come back, I hope space will too but the attention span required for that genre is lacking nowadays.