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and i play it on repeat

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It sounds like emotions walled by this hipster spiced dough. Warm and fuzzy on top, you can even brag you like arctic monkeys and accomplish things while listening to this. Hey look at that guy, he likes arctic monkeys. thanks man mmmmmm. comforting feeling indeed, but it's actually: "I'm here because because I hate my life just like you guys and I want to point it out with this comment, at least draw some attention to feel good about myself". We all "think this mix is cool", we all "love arctic monkeys", because "life is beautiful", sometimes. Right now, I would tip a trashcan over and swear and pretend I'm mad just to complete this picture, but I won't. I will post the comment, close the tab, go home, sleep, back to work and listen to this mix all over again to hide my emotions.