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Reclaim Your Mind Pt.4 (Inspirational)


The fourth and FINAL part of the series, I recommend you listen from Part 1, to Part 4 to fully experience the series. It's Dedicated to truth, wisdom and knowledge about the world. Includes various sound clips from inspirational speakers, philosophers, truth seekers and comedians.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

9 tracks
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Def one of the best continuing mixes on 8 tracks. If its possible can you try to make more..? It's too great to finish now. I'm sure its difficult to piece together but if its possible. Thank-you for your hard work. It shows.

This is truly an awesome mix.. Mind blowing and inspirational.. peaceful yet a challenge.. Thank you.. I've found a sensory deprivation chamber nearby.. looking forward to the experience :) Much love to you for putting this together