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This is a Quiet Study Floor


Two weeks isn't a long time when you want something to last, but too long when you want it end. That's kinda where I'm at. A 30 page paper stands between me and graduating a four-year program at university. As much as it will be sad to leave university and the friends I made I CANNOT WAIT to be free and enjoy summer.

Another study playlist!

EDIT: With the ending of 8tracks' and soundcloud's agreement coming to an end, the tracks uploaded via soundcloud have been removed. To find the tracks that were originally on the playlist listen here:

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congratulations on being done school!! That is so exciting :) I'm doing school throughout the summer but then I graduate in August :D So I shall listen to study music for a few more months ;) ;)

@JannaCarley Thank you so much!!! I hope you last couple months of school go really well and you enjoy them. I have an instrumental study list for the summer ready to upload, so I'll publish that for you <3 Thanks for all your kind comments, I love seeing you on here (: