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thanks for the honest opinion! It makes me laugh when people get super heated on here because yes, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Some people are just nicer than others, hahha

I love the fact that you have a Steve Moakler song on here because I feel like if you're not from Pittsburgh you've never heard of him and he is fantastic :)

I went and saw Steve in Philadelphia. He went to the same high school as my friend so we went... so good! :)

Absolutely adore Steve Moakler. My roommate freshman and sophomore years of college was from Pittsburgh and so that's how I got hooked. He came to my school last year and put on a free concert. It was phenomenal.

oh... ok... so comments are restricted to those that like it? Sorry, I thought it said "what do you think of this mix?" not "comment here if you like it". It was meant as a joke and a warning to those that don't like it too ummmm yeah... whatever! :)

my gf made me listen to this mix in our anniversary, i love it a lot but i love her more ;) te amo bebe gracias por esta lista