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Scent of a Woman

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Also, while I'm at it: is there a way to comment directly on people's 8track profiles? I'm new to 8tracks, so I'm still getting the run of it.

I've gotta agree with taylorskye; "Amie" just grabbed me and got me all lost in the music. "Mariana" too :D. I've gotta say, you make really fantastic mixes. Every time that I go on 8tracks, I go straight to your mixes and listen to as much as I have time for. So far I've liked, if not loved, every mix of yours that I've listened to!

Chalk - I downloaded the first song you's excellent. As for the t-shirt bit...that's so awesome. I'd be pretty razzed.

Okkervil River is a band that makes albums more than they make songs, so I'd most recommend getting any of their last 4 incredible albums (The Stand Ins, The Stage Names, Black Sheep Boy or Black Sheep Boy Appendix), but if going the route of a song, I'd probably recommend this: or this:

Bonus fact: I used to make t-shirts for a living. Outside a club, after their concert, the guys from Okkervil were like "Hey - cool shirt". So I gave them a bunch from my trunk. So some little piece of me is hanging in their closets. Or on a shelf at their local Salvation Army by now. I'm not sure which is better.