When you are in retirement years, you’ve earned the opportunity to have life be as easy and simple as possible.  5 Ways to Prevent of Falls  has advanced over the years and with those advancements there a number of gadgets designed to make your life easier. You may want to consider using these gadgets to make your life easier.

1. Home AssistantThere are a number of different home assistants available on the market currently. The Amazon Echo or the Google Home are the two frontrunners. These assistants can help with a number of tasks. They can serve as reminders to take medications, tell you about events that you have in your calendar or create shopping lists for you. They can also complete orders online for you. In addition, you can set up a smart home that will help with turning lights on and off as well as adjusting the thermostat.

2. Medical Monitoring SystemA medical monitoring system is a great gadget to give you continued independence while living at home. There are a variety of options available with these systems including a waterproof bracelet or necklace that makes it easy to call for help wherever you are. Additionally, there is fall detection available that will alert the emergency contact center if it detects you may have fallen. They will contact you and if send help if needed.  5 Dangers of Falls in the Elderly  is one gadget that can give you peace of mind as you live on your own and allow you to keep living on your own for a longer period of time.

3. Electric Can Opener or Jar OpenerAs you grow older, you may lose your grip strength and arthritis can make once simple tasks, like opening a can or a jar, much more difficult. There are tools that can make your everyday tasks much easier. For example, an electric can opener is much easier to operate, and they also have electric jar openers that can help. Food processors and food choppers can also make it easier to dice or cut the items that you need to and may not be able to due to arthritis.

4. iPad or Other TabletAn iPad or other tablet is a great tool to have in your home. It allows you to access anything you may want to on your computer from anywhere in your home. The tablets are lightweight and easy to handle and use. Additionally, you have the option of changing text size which makes it easier to read. A tablet can become an e-reader, a computer and a general go to device for any senior. Additionally, they are so intuitive that many people who have a hard time with computers find the iPad quite easy to use.

5. FitBitA FitBit can help in a number of different ways.  5 Ways Senior Citizens can Keep their Independence  has the option of scheduling reminders that go with you throughout the day. These reminders can include medication reminders, or even just reminding you to drink more.  5 Ways Senior Citizens can Keep their Independence  is also a great motivating tool that helps encourage activity and getting steps in each day. There are a number of additional features like sleep monitoring and health checks. If you want encouragement to stay active, this is a great tool.

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