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"I knew of you but I can’t escape.
You’re too beautiful to be a lie."

The AU in which AshWoo steals more than hearts, and the stakes are even higher.

  • SHINHWA by Shinhwa
    Imma Sharpshooter// A bull’s eye right to your heart
  • Trouble Maker (Hyuna Hyun Seung) Trouble Maker [Sub Espaol + Hangul + Romanizacin] by leesunhi25
    i'll keep shaking your heart so you can't escape me// i will steal your lips and run far away// i'm a troublemaker
  • spy by Super Junior
    it’s no use trying to avoid my trap// i’ve caught you baby the taste of those hands is so electrifying// it's so alive
  • TOP SECRET (Original Title : Shake The Tree) by Girls' Generation
    I deceived you a bit but the insides burning and electrifying// push and pull-// it’s all part of the master plan of love
  • secret by poison
    I think my mind has gone crazy// because of your fatal attraction
  • Bond (Feat. Beenzino) by 핫펠트(HA:TFELT 예은)
    Just for today, forget about your duty//Take off your heavy suit// give me your hidden gun
  • Like A Cat ''사뿐사뿐'' | Full Audio by AOA ( 에이오에이 )
    When you’re sound asleep// You and I, on this sweet night// Let’s hold tight to the night
  • SunMi by Sunmi
    the girl who you always thought of// has appeared before you like a dream// no matter how hard you tried, I couldn’t be erased
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