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I got here/hear by clicking on the shoegazer/psychedlic/space tag.

1) driving me backwards: No way. They were all in the same room together? Damn, even more impressive is that it turns out to be live.
2) If it Rains: Damn. . . again. 1979? I hear the date if I listen hard. But still, could easily have been made this last year by any number of bands. Impressive.
3) I can walk alone: No shoe gazing here. My first thought was of the Squeeze and then how Human Switchboard sounded different.
4) Magik Markers. Brilliant name for a band. This sounds contemporary, but I can't put my finger on why. They have got all the moves. The quality of Mudhoney but with a shy sounding female vocalist who I kept wanting to launch into a throaty scream.
5) Funny. . . then Spacemen 3 come up. Perfect. Fuckin perfect. They covered a Mudhoney song on one of their first albums. Love the echo in a cave vocals of this era. Plus the stoner gospel is easy for me to sing along too.
6) ok. . . I just sauntered over to the computer from the thing I am supposed to be doing (which is making paintings) to confidently state that this was some Nick Cave song that I hadn't heard yet. When was this recorded?
7) I wonder if the seventh track is always the weak track? "Mad as the Mist and Snow" didn't grab me. The ethereal quality merely seemed vacant.
8) The Gun Club. Everybody who is anybody, loves the Gun Club. Personally, I've never listened to them and so I am seduced and repulsed. Nick Cavish as well. I wonder how much of my interest has been influenced by having read interesting things about The Gun Club?

(please apply grain of salt to my no edit policy. nice mix)