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everyone deserves a night off, cuddled up in your favourite duvet, with your favourite movie or your favourite book (and a hot chocolate).

13 tracks
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listen to this when you're depressed, and you'll appreciate the beauty and gift of life. listen to this when you're feeling lost, and you'll find yourself in the gentle melodies & smooth harmonies. listen to this when you're in love, and you'll fall asleep with the one you love with the music you love. listen to this when you're heartbroken, and you'll find strength in the deep & soulful lyrics. listen to this when everything is okay, because sometimes it's nice to be held and shown real love, without any strings attached.

@rsjparker99-475 wow, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for writing this, I really appreciate your words and I'm glad you've found this playlist helpful and inspirational even in a tiny way. Thank you and you're awesome.

@youlooksocool No, thank you for sharing this amazing playlist! It has inspired me to make my own called "homegrown&organic", if you could listen and tell me what you think I would be very grateful (it's not great, but any input would be appreciated). Thank you once again, I've shared this playlist with friends, and they all love it too!

@rsjparker99-475 I love it, it's so chill, congrats! Awesome work! I dont have any input; playlists are very personal things and you've made it perfectly. It's a thing to be admired.