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A Farewell to Hogwarts: The Mixtape


For some (Muggles), tonight is another Friday. But, for many, tonight marks the last night at Hogwarts before we look back in fond memory of our childhood and relive it all through repeat movie/book-reading marathons. Before we do though, celebrate the end approaching in 16 tracks from the likes of Jack's Mannequin, Freelance Whales, and Arcade Fire before giving a proper farewell to our favorite trio that could have gotten killed or, worse, expelled.

16 tracks
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I think you summed it up perfectly. Harry Potter defined my childhood. I've been reading the books/watching the movies for 10 years. I'm sad to see it end but I know it will live on in the hearts of the fans.

I write to you as I sit in my room after witnessing the final Harry Potter film.

I don’t wish to bog down the (very few) Potter-hating listeners nor do I intend to oversaturate my words on the film because all I need is one.


I don’t say it often in a completely serious way and for good reason. I save it for events like this and a film like this that bears so much anticipation and expectations, yet completely surpasses them a thousand fold. Goodnight and thank you, Harry Potter. You’re only of written word and film, but you’ve meant and will continue to mean more to this world that you ever set out to.