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Olympus Warring

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Persephone's reign over the dead was peaceful. At first.

Athena suggested kidnapping might not have been the wisest way to win a young woman's heart. Artemis readily agreed. Zeus was enraged at the imprisonment of his brother, Poseidon with him. Hera stood with Demeter as she defended her precious daughter. Ares raised his voice to the call of war gladly. Hecate, who had stood vigil with Demeter in the dead of winter, answered with a battle cry of her own.

  • Winter's Ritual by SJ Tucker
  • 01-Fight-Like-A-Girl by alice_91
  • Hecate by K3K3
  • The Other Side by Woodkid
  • White Flag by The Romanovs
  • Training by Danny Elfman
  • Hell Is Empty by Emilie Autumn
  • Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire
  • We Were Angels Once (Wake the Fallen) by Sjtuckermusic
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2 comments on Olympus Warring

@nekomouse Oh Wow! lol at me and my chronic inability to finish anything. It might take a couple of days (new computer means tracking down font, making cover from scratch, finding music I used to have bookmarked, etc.) but I'm making part 3 my number one free time priority.

@moggiepillar No worries. If it's anything like the other two then I am quite happy to wait for it. It would just be such a shame for there never to be a Part III. Keep up the good work!

@nekomouse It's up! The reason is took so long was because I waffled back and forth on whether or not to make a Queen themed mix or a continuation of the war from the mortals' point of view. It's kind of both, with a lot of instrumentals up to intepretation.