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Laugh at me, tragedy - A Vincent Nighray Fanmix


Got inspired by another lovely playlist and thought to myself "Hey, you haven't created a fanmix in like forever, let's try this!", and swoosh, a fanmix for the lovely, broken Vinncent Nightray was born.
Okay, no, I am honest, there was nothing "swoosh" at all about this fanmix. It was a friggin torture to actually find some really fitting songs. Or I am just really picky. But if I'm doing this I want to do it right, and now there you go.
Still not a 100% sure with all of the songs, but I had to cut myself some slack there. And yes, there are two Gilbert-dedicated songs in there, I am sure they are easy enough to spot. In my opinion you can't have a wholesome Vincent-fanmix without a healthy dose of brotherly love. Or obsession. Whatever you want to call it.

8 tracks
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