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Lavender Town


Welcome to Lavender Town. Just turn off the lights, leave the door ajar, and put in your earbuds. Let fear commence.

Just don't look behind you.

(Don't listen if you plan on sleeping any time soon.)

  • Happy Remix by Pokémon: Lavender Town
  • Jigglypuff sings Lavender Town Theme by mykaobering
  • Oliver "Lavender Town Syndrome" Vocaloid Original Song by Creep-P (Krypt Creeper)
  • Pokemon Green Beta Lavender Town Song (REAL VERSION) by Luiz Fernando Mendonca 1
  • Lavender Town by Kaai Yuki
  • Pokemon- TV Theme Song (Full) by Pokemon
  • Lavender Town (Pokémon Cover) by myuu
7 tracks