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Metropolis Mix


This mix is intended to be played simultaneously w. Fritz Lang's "Metropolis." Since there are multiple versions of "Metropolis," note that I synced it to the one that is 124 mins long.
More on mix & movie, with clips, here:

29 tracks
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2 of the songs didn't translate to 8tracks. not sure what that's about.

to keep it rolling along w. the movie, pause the mix at "I Can't Get Started w. You" by Bunny Berigan. Skip to the next song at [11:23] ms in the movie. Then at "I'll Get By" by Ruth Etting, pause the mix and skip to the next song at [1:57:31] hms.

Also, to make sure it is syncing up ok, you can check that at "Let's Get it On" in the mix, it is at [1:07:32]hms in the movie. For me, it was off and got weird by the end, but I think skipping "I'll Get By" will fix this a little.

I'm trying to add the mix to my blog since 8tracks only lets you listen to a mix twice w.o putting the songs in a different order. If you have any advice for this, let me know.

M. laRue