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surprisingly little drumming


for those that want to laugh through the shame
join me on this voyage of trash
take my hand as we venture into the well deserved hellfire

10 tracks
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I LItERALLY PUT DOWN MY PHONE WHEN I SAW YOUR USERNAME i cant believe that wasn't already taken u lucky duck omfg I WENT THROUGH THE SAME EXPERIENCE THOUGH @gaydrummingmovie the first time i watched it I hated it bc it was stressful and cruel and then I rewatched it and it all went downhill from there

i watched it 6 times. the first 4 were me trying to figure out what captivated me about the movie, and the last 2 were me revelling in gay obsession. p.s. oh MY GOD i changed my username and idek man it's gr8

oh god, no, i can't believe i didn't think of whiplash when i heard hey mama, this is killing me, this Gay Drumming Movie is slowly invading my life

@sherlockwantsjohn oh my god YES i got someone with hey mama i'm so happy lmao that song makes me cringe every time, i'm glad you're enjoying the slow torment <3

@creepitcool oh my god i mean i hate those nerds but I appreciate your comment it makes me feel much prouder of my shame

I have so many reactions to this: 1) oh god 2) this they listen to before he comes in 3) this gives me strenght to wake up everyday thank u 4) HOLY GRACE