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A Squad, Best Squad (Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan)


A mix for Alexander Hamilton's Squad.

EDIT: I fucked up with Laf's name on the coloring so I re-did. But I couldn't find the original photoshop copy so I basically started over if tyou were wondering why it looks a bit crappy ^^"
Oh and because even I forgot who was what
Lafayette - Genderfluid flag
Mulligan - Bisexual flag
Laurens - GAAAAAAYYYY (Homosexual flag)

8 tracks
2 comments on A Squad, Best Squad (Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan)

hey I can't find my glasses so I can't see very well, but what flag is laffy's name the colours of? I thought it was the trans flag but I think I see more colours in it

@LittleJellyfishPrince It's actually the genderfluid flag, and I didn't even realised I screwed up the coloring until now, omg (It was one of my first times messing around with colored fonts in photoshop). I'll go change that realy quick! Thank you for pointing it out!