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  • 21st Century Life by Sam Sparro
    He squeezed the bag of marshmallows preciously like a squirrel might treasure an acorn or a dragon horde his gold. Who would slay him? One more bite!
  • colorblind (counting crows) by gardenonatrampoline
    The lilies in his garden grew from the same earth, from the same moist blackness and toward the same light.
  • Candyman-[www flv2mp3 com] by Christina Aguilera
    Nursing defeat like a psychologist "And how does that make you feel" Insert sympathetic smile. He was a jeweler who knew how to cut a rock into a gem who knew that we are all made of carbon who knew we are all diamonds in the rough bodies shoved into the heat and pressure, the flames, of a furnace. Shoved only at first. Then, they jumped in like dolphins.
  • A Feast Of Friends by The Doors
    A long table dressed in white, candelabras, he had a macabre side like a marshmallow burnt in a campfire on the scratchy finger of a twig One of his wings twitched as he gobbled the candy. What else would he gobble up the next time he tried this little stunt?
  • Thank Heaven for Little Girls by reggaeonbroadway
  • nine black alps by Nine Black Alps
    The bright red hair was the only color he cared to see and it called his name in a strange dialect, that afternoon, in the rain and the crowd.
  • Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello
    He lifted the newly made uniform from the rectangular box and thin tissue paper. The metal on the shoulders, engraved in fancy military decor. Another way to make his army proud. They would wear it and feel special. He changed into it like Mr. Rogers.
  • OMG (Braincreator Remix) by Sabrina Washington
    Shoichi broke open a whole new world to him like a curious-horny teenager checking his parts for the first time. He put the slut behind him, but still finished his calls with a thankful silence. What if they had never met?
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