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chill video game tunes


songs from animal crossing, pokemon, legend of zelda, final fantasy, etc.

just note that most of the songs here are music box versions. also, most of the artists are youtubers whom I got the music from. the only song with actual lyrics is from final fantasy and it didn't match the rest of the theme of instrumentals but it was still nice, so I put it near the end.

14 tracks
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This fucking playlist got me through hours of homework, you should be proud of yourself for making such a rad mix princess <3 p.s. that first track made me very happy ngl

@xraidne Ayy I'm so glad it helped! I'm super proud especially 'cause you liked it :-) Thanks a million pharaoh, you're the best! <3 Hehe good; the first track is my all time favourite ;-)

This is amazing!! tbh, I didn't even know about music box versions of video game songs, and now that I know I can't get enough. I especially love the first song from LOZ, and just. I love, love, love this playlist. Thank you so much for this!!

@KarenaWilliams Thanks so much!! I'm so glad I could introduce you to them bc they're amazing. The first song from LOZ is actually my favourite from this entire mix, haha. I'm glad that you love it! Thanks a million for leaving this comment :-)

I just realised that I accidentally put the creepy version of KK Lullaby.. I'll change it when I get back on my PC, sorry guys D: