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Hey hey HEY...Hey Laaaadies!

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You are not going to make it Mongoosed… and I'll tell you why.

Feminism and girl power are weak philosophies.

Girl power is a myth, perpetrated by big business to sell T-shirts. The only reason that this "genre" exists is to help commercials sell junk to women...Not that women need any help provoking their desire to buy useless crap. Girl Power is merely convoluted feminism for over privileged kids that grew up in the suburbs.
Feminism is bringing women in some very different directions and a realistic balance between the expectations of society and women has not been reached. Examples of the lives that women can happily lead have often come from the unrealistic characters portrayed in movies and on TV. Many legitimate feminists are too busy trying to pretend that they are happy emulating their favourite characters to truly care about others. You will find little support from unhappy feminists because a person must reflect on their own happiness to truly feel true happiness for another.
Neither “girl power” nor” feminism” offer a real strategy to support the ideas that they stand for. These are not organized groups, but rather a loose collection of individuals willing to follow the next greatest trend either because they are too busy to do the research, or they put that much faith in fame and celebrity.

I can taste the beer already. Thanks Mongoosed