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last man standing


“Justice is a funny concept: it’ll drive a man to perform the noblest of deeds, as well as the worst atrocities. Justice is a blade that draws blood from both the innocent and wicked alike. And when raised high, it can lead a charge that changes the world forever.” — Varric Tethras

Just a lil instrumental playlist for Anders. Dedicated to @merepine


15 tracks
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Hey there! Nice playlist, thanks for uploading it!
Have you perhaps heard of Playmoss? It's the closest "8tracks like" website I could find, you can also upload playlists and tag them on there (the only thing is that you have to use a youtube or vimeo link). Wanted to tell you just in case you were interested! I'm Sabtael on there, maybe we'll meet and I'll follow you :)
(I'm copy-pasting this message everywhere as I save as many playlists as I can on Spotify so you might have seen it before)

I'm listening to this because I'm level grinding, but fuck I'm having feelings and somehow even without word's it's so touching and it's making me deeply nostalgic for da:2. Oh my fuck. My heart hurts. I'm playing Harvest Moon right now, this is the weirdest experience. Thank you so much for sharing this haunting playlist.

I'm listening to this again and I am still so amazed by this. you did such a great job, I'm feeling a lot of things rn