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strange highs and strange lows


a mix for komaeda and hinata.

more specifically, a mix for komaeda creeping on hinata, and hinata feeling deeply uncomfortable about it.

(art credit here:

11 tracks
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I wasn't going to comment on this, because it's years old and it's SO SAD that I'm still here, wallowing in this pit, but Funnyman is fucking me RIGHT UP, oh my god. "got a plan to be something wonderful" & "all the damage you do/ is so honest and true/ I don't want to feel sorry for you". and the first stanza, of course, which is just upsetting in the context of komaeda's health. thanks, skippy ;______;

@everworld2662 omg NO it's not sad at all!!! i caused myself so much tragic pain with these songcalls back in the day when i made it, it's a beautiful thing to know they're still wreaking damage years later! (i hugely rec this mix too, my friend made it at the same time AND EVERY SONG KILLED ME:

oh my god please dont apologise thats a work of art (suedehead though, 'why do you come here / why do you hang around / when you know it makes things hard for me', if i ever make a komahina mix of just morrissey music it will be right there)

Oh god please don't, the hope:despair ratio would break all our hearts. I hadn't heard his music in a while, so it was refreshing to listen to these beautiful sad songs--I know back in the day I associated Suedehead and All You Need Is Me with Izaya & Shizuo, but it's the same uncomfortable obsessions with Hinata & Komaeda. Also, I didn't mention it before, but Saddest Summer was great because it's horrifyingly delivered so cheerfully. That song is Komaeda's mien...