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Tell me if the sky is blue again


A mix for the first steps of the story that wanders around my mind lately.
There are repeating songs with different vocals, I couldn't exclude them, I love every version.

Art: What Freedom! by Ilya Repin

  • It Hurts to Say Goodbye by Vera Lynn
  • Close to You by Olivia Ong
  • GTA3 Rainbow Connection(Kermit the Frog Cover) by johnoydanao
  • Interpretação de Julia Simões em I Say Little prayer for you by Otiniel Aleixo
  • Minnie Ripperton (TRIAL) by Loving You
  • Close To You by The Carpenters
  • Especially for You by M.Y.M.P.
  • Time After Time by Aiza Seguerra
  • Candelaria Zamar by Rainbow Connection (cover)
  • Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton
10 tracks
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