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curse the things that made me sad for so long

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honestly this mix is so important to me. having avpd makes me feel awful All The Time, but this is the first thing ive seen regarding avpd in a positive light. so thank you ☺️

thank you for this playlist!! its excellent. is there a tracklist anywhere? 8tracks is glitching and will only show me 7 out of 11 songs.

@Misni Thank you very much!! I can't post a link to my Tumblr post that has the tracklist, but I'll just copy and paste it I guess: 01. blush - wolf alice | 02. better son or daughter - rilo kiley | 03. the con - tegan and sara | 04. bravado - lorde | 05. millions - gerard way | 06. numb - marina & the diamonds | 07. houdini - foster the people | 08. ghosting - mother mother | 09. avocado baby - los campesinos! | 10. save rock and roll - fall out boy | 11. happy - marina & the diamonds