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little claws


here is a mix mostly based on the fic "The What's and How's of Raising Wolves" you can read here:
i just really love pack mom stiles uwu


  • L’hiver monastique - 70 consolations harmoniques pour violon by Clemens Merkel
  • Baby Mine (cover by Rachael Cantu)
  • Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars) by Taylor Swift
  • We Must Be Killers by is_adoras
  • Eels I Need Some Sleep by Lucas Tovar
  • Small Town Moon by Regina Spektor
  • Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
  • Black Part Love by Selah Sue
  • Sleep Baby Sleep by Christran14
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This is such a soothing playlist. And I love pack mom Stiles. It's funny though. I could see these songs related to Derek with everything he's been through. And him just thinking "This will not be their lives. They will not feel that pain." And just being Mr Alpha Dad. All soft sounds and warm cuddles and rocking chairs and big beds with Stiles and the 'pups'. So many feelings I need to stop omg.