monsters boy
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My poor mother begged for a Sheep, but raised a Wolf.


little songs you can look past but mean the world to me.
songs about how life sucks in a kind of beautiful way.
songs about how these days kids grow up too fast, but thats what makes these kids all the more amazing.

TW: drugs, underage sax, death, child death, child abandonment

art :
the artist is very good and sweet! go take a look when you have time!

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4 comments on My poor mother begged for a Sheep, but raised a Wolf.

I have honestly been listening to this track for years it is 100% my favourite in existence it makes me so happy and it's opened me up to a whole new world of music. I wholeheartedly believe if I never found this track I wouldn't be who I am today it's such a big part of my life lmao

@johnald_ thank you so much for telling me this. This is the most amazing comment I have ever gotten, I am so so glad that this is such a part of your life, it is truly amazing to me? If I'm honest I'm not even sure how to respond... all I can hope for is that things that I make have an impact on people's lives and you just confirmed it. Thank you so much. If you ever want to