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nous allons en fin nous régaler


for a love that's as light and colorful as a thousand balloons.

(a happy & light adrinette playlist brought to you by catey and kari™)

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4 comments on nous allons en fin nous régaler

Michael Giacchino? Echosmith? A tasteful smattering of Owl City? Oh my god our tastes are freakily similar, especially when it comes to Ladybug playlists! This mix is perfect, wouldn't change anything. :D

@KaleidoscopeKreation I'll take responsibility for Owl City but the genius behind Michael Giacchino and Echosmith is my lovely partner @cateybee! Thank you so much for your kind words!

@montressor oh well, kudos to you both then, I'll deff drop by her profile for a visit :D i just posted a new ladybug mix last night - no Giacchino or Echosmith but there's some Owl City in there ;) lemme know if you check it out!