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My attempt at a Childerell playlist - just some songs that touched on my feelings from the hell that these two have wrought. Some of them are more shippy than others and some are more from one person's point of view than the other. I think they are not too incompatible with Demi Childermass and Ace Norrell and there's something of a progression that reflects the narrative, I suppose. Also I don't know what to say, here it is.

9 tracks
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Not While I'm Around came around and I almost made an actual audible noise because GAH. AND THEN ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE, that was painful. This is very good. Such a good progression.

@bookhobbit Thanks! I may add to it as I think of other songs. This was the best version of "Not While I'm Around" I could find; it's still too "lite jazz" for my liking but oh well. I may do a video with this, but I have so many ideas backed up.