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Discovery III


Third in a series made up of tracks I've discovered, or rediscovered, through 8tracks mixes by awesome DJs just like you! This time, the ladies get the spotlight. Selections with a focus on lovely dark vocals, rich soundscapes and a few bright spots served up in time for dessert.

Invested in 8tracks yet? You should!

24 tracks
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Okay, all of these songs sound incredible-- I mean, I even own a lot of these cds, and I've ripped them in every program I could find and they don't sound nearly this good-- so how do you get them to sound so hd? What software would you recommend I use?

@Foggypebble I'm afraid there's no real secret to the sound quality. I'd say about 95% of these were purchased as MP3s on Amazon. The other 5% are from 8tracks' own library of music. No post-production/editing stuff on my end, either; the sound quality of official digital copies is just *that good.* Obviously, some versions you'll find on Amazon are clearer/better than others, since some albums have been remastered and others haven't, so you kind of have to shop around to find the one that sounds ~right~ to you, but that's about it.