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I know he's a bum, but he's mine


Oh, he's a louse. He's a cheat, he's a liar and a cad. He's ten kinds of bad for anybody who isn't him, but some dames just pretend not to notice.

A selection of jazzy, sometimes melancholy tracks about those wicked fellas mother warned you about, the ladies who've got it bad for 'em whether they want to or not, and the irresistible push-pull of a love that's probably (almost certainly) bad for ya. One of classic jazz's favorite recurring themes.

(*signal flare* Help, I've fallen back into a Fallout hole. And if you won't throw me a rope, at least send snacks maybe?)

WARNING: this mix contains songs that depict and, to some extent, romanticize unhealthy relationship dynamics that range from mildly dysfunctional at best to abusive at worst. Please be advised.

24 tracks