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Lather, Rinse, Repeat


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Do you know a couple of dopes who can't stop falling in love even though it's a horrible idea? Losers who still love each other but are too stubborn to make up? A couple who wallow in their pain and longing before they fall in each other's arms? Or broke up for all the wrong reasons and regret it? That on-again-off-again pair you can't seem to keep together OR apart?

You'll find at least one anthem for them here! An anthem so cheesy you'll be ashamed to admit it! Score!

A background mix specially formulated to really help wring all the delicious angst from those romance scenes of your dreams. With the dramatic emotional highs and lows that only power ballad clichés can offer, made up of songs that aren't so intrusive you can't focus over them.

41 tracks
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