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Swing it, Bone Daddy


A dark club, candles on every table, ice clinking against crystal. Rich tobacco and clove smoke wafts through a single, lonely spotlight that lights up the orchestra, and every...heh...body in the place is a zoot suited skeleton. Shake well and filter through 90's swing renaissance colors, a splash of neon, and the sound of bongo drums.

Initially inspired by the likes of Grim Fandango and Corpse Bride, a selection of tracks that simply *feel* right for this otherworldly location. Swingy, dark, sometimes vaguely spooky and discordant: a delightful evening that starts off slow and jitterbugs into the wee morning hours before it winds down. No...BONES about it. (I'm sorry.)

(Cover Credit: El Gato Gomez. She's awesome! Buy her stuff.)

33 tracks
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I have listened to this playlist multiple times just because it really works. It creates a vivid an unique mood and I just stand in awe of how well you put this together. Everything works so well together. This is genuinely wonderful to listen to on every level.