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The Darkest Waltz


Darkly romantic, off-kilter waltzes, for that charming broody prince whose idea of seduction is a turn around the dance floor of a candlelit ballroom. Pay no attention to the blood on the walls and the cobwebs in the corners. Nothing sinister to see here.

This playlist has unfortunately been a bit gutted by 8tracks break from Soundcloud, resulting in several tracks "breaking." This will be fixed up soon!

(Darker, more melancholy companion playlist here:

22 tracks
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All I can say is wow. Wow. So beautiful, and its elegant teasing can pull one in, in such an intriguing fashion... Wow. Some of this could be well part of a soundtrack for Austen's Elizabeth and Darcy.

Hi, Moon Crater! My arrangement of "Withered Chrysanthemums" seems to be getting tones of clicks from your playlist, or at least SoundCloud Stats says so, but I wasn't able to see the complete track list... can you help here? Cheers, A.

@anon-100005102612989 I'm not really sure what you're asking for, so to cover all my bases: I can confirm your amazing track is toward the end of the playlist, and is fully credited, as far as I can see. Hope that helped!

@moon-crater Hi, Moon Crater! I meant that I could not view a complete list of tracks unless I played every single one of them - my interest was to see in what "musical company" so to say, my recording was, to better have an idea of why you chose to include it in the list :) of course I see is properly credited. Thank you for liking it enough to include it in your intriguing, vampiresc list :) :)