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The Darkest Waltz


Darkly romantic, off-kilter waltzes, for that charming broody prince whose idea of seduction is a turn around the dance floor of a candlelit ballroom. Pay no attention to the blood on the walls and the cobwebs in the corners. Nothing sinister to see here.

This playlist has unfortunately been a bit gutted by 8tracks break from Soundcloud, resulting in several tracks "breaking." This will be fixed up soon!

(Darker, more melancholy companion playlist here:

22 tracks
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Love this list! I bet I have listened to it more than 20 times. It's just a perfect balance of songs. Thanks for making!

All I can say is wow. Wow. So beautiful, and its elegant teasing can pull one in, in such an intriguing fashion... Wow. Some of this could be well part of a soundtrack for Austen's Elizabeth and Darcy.