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there is nothing you haven't done for me in the past.
you have given up a lot to give me your all and i've done a lot of neglecting of how much you sacrifice and give for me.
this isn't as much as you deserve for all the things you do, but i hope it makes up for it.
shit.. i'm so bad with words.. hdsfkhskdjf I love you ok?
(PLEASE DON'T LAUGH AT ME This playlist went to serious shit the moment I added Nicki Minaj but just... have fun... These songs are pretty much like... about love.. sorta.. EVEN IF THEY DON'T MAKE SENSE THEY MAKE SENSE TO ME ASK ME IF YOU'RE CONFUSED)
"a sagittarius can show capricorn a world of adventure and excitement. they will always bring the best out of each other"

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