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i want to kill a giant man


a levi mix trying super hard to dig into his character.

i read so many character analysis posts before making this oh man (cracks knuckles) move over heartless tsundere image

also wanted to try and do something without the usual songs like phoenix by fall out boy. i hope you enjoy it

its a different genre than lots that ive seen but i really hope you take the time to let it play!!!

EDIT MAR 07: wow!!!! 100 likes?!

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This is great! It's nice to listen to songs I haven't already heard a million times before, and the music really fits the subject!

I love that e-pro, one of my old faves is on here. I didn't associate it with levi before but I will now :P also knights of cydonia!

This is great mix and I really like how that reflects Levi's character. Makes you think. I like that you really did choose some little different songs :)