Is this playlist safe for work?


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@electricflash I read this and literally put my hands over my mouth because this is SO sweet of you. Just what I needed, I was having a pretty awful week!! Thank you so much for listening! :D


I have discovered 3 very important songs, thanks to this playlist!
(That song from the anime Tatami Galaxy)
(Lonely Rolling Star)

@electricflash OMG. "Be Mine" is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite songs, I can't even describe all the good memories I have with that one song. :D "Lonely Rolling Star" is so 'explore the universe' I LOVE it. And the Tatami Mat Galaxy song never fails to put me right in the middle of a sky full of stars! I'm so glad you found these songs from this playlist!!! I'm so happy I don't know what to really say so forgive me if this sounds like I'm rambling, haha :)