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do you feel like flying? (ver. i)

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I was ready to cry from all my schoolwork, but then I listened to this playlist and it all became bit easier. These songs really cheered me up

@orangepinetree I'm so glad!! I always get super stressed over my schoolwork too, I'm glad this makes it a little easier! :D Other tips from me is a) write down everything you need to complete for school into a checklist (with tinier checklist sections for assignments) , b) tackle hardest stuff first with a rocking playlist!!, and c) tackle easier things with a slower playlist :D DON'T GIVE UP!! Thank you for liking my playlist!

@sunnyrin YES!!! Barakamon is so lovely but THIS chapter. THIS chapter is one that helps me through the rough times. (I was actually thinking of printing it out and putting it in my school binder, haha!) Thank you so much for your lovely sweet comment!!! :D

@chuleeness I know, right?!? This scene was so powerful I literally started crying before I realized it. ;_; I'm flattered you thought the playlist captured that moment!! Thank you!! :)

@sayosorbet Hi, you're not a bother at all! I went back through the mix and I found that I didn't leave any credit---the mix I originally got this from credits it as Dear【初音ミク】by Hatsune Miku. I'm assuming it's a music box credit. I hope this helps! The track really is lovely. ;-;