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The chicken fry to my chicken nugget


for my boi <3

  • You're My Best Friend by Queen
  • You're My Best Friend [ost] [it's okay, that's love] by The Once
  • Uptown Funk (8-bit) by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
    you better believe when we hang imma play this so hard
  • Immortals [From Big Hero 6] by FallOutBoy
  • GOLD RWBY OST (Jeff Williams Feat. Casey Lee Williams) by RJwizD_008
  • My Best Friend by Weezer
  • Dayman by The Electric Dream Machine
    fighter of the nightman OWWWOOAAAAHHHHHHHH
  • A Thousand Miles by A THOUSAND MILES
    [ray screaming] BA DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH [all screaming] AND I MISS YOU
  • Banana Shoes (Jerryterry Remix) by Game Grumps
    i just thought youd get a kick outta this. if i could just have the clip of 'whats up dog' here i would absolutely do that.
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