22 comments on Music of New PenzanceSummer 1965 by MoonriseKingdom

When I saw the movie, all I could think about (besides the utterly beautiful design and colors and EVERYTHING) was the great soundtrack. Well done.

What a wonderful movie, loved it so much - great choice of songs for the playlists. "I'm Free" by the Rolling Stones is so perfect choice, every Wes Anderson film seems to feature a great Stones song from 65-67. Randall Poster - you are a sommelier of music, always finding the perfect pairing of music, image, and theme.

Haha, that Hang on Sloopy song is in the soundtrack for Pirate Radio/The Boat That Rocked.

Anyways, great music (as always for a Wes Anderson movie) can't wait until the new movie comes out.

I think this mix really represents my inner spirit. I feel an instant relief when I hear this melodious beats that it makes me want to poop deer poops in the kitchen sink!